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25. Minimalism

25. Minimalism 
Idag pratade vi om minimalism, att ha mindre och att vara mer! Vi tog upp mycket om hur man kan gå tillväga för att leva ett enklare och mer uppfyllande liv. 

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Projekt 33
The Rules
  • When: Every three months (It’s never too late to start so join in anytime!)
  • What: 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoes.
  • What not: these items are not counted as part of the 33 items – wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout)
  • How: Choose your 33 items, box up the remainder of your fashion statement, seal it with tape and put it out of sight.
  • What else: consider that you are creating a wardrobe that you can live, work and play in for three months. Remember that this is not a project in suffering. If your clothes don’t fit or are in poor condition, replace them.

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Choose any of the following tasks. Stop after 10 minutes. Then celebrate your simpler life.
  1. Donate any shoes you haven’t worn in a year.
  2. Write three thank you notes.
  3. Turn on soft music, lay down and close your eyes.
  4. Read this: How to Complain Less
  5. Remove any glasses, dishes, silverware, serving dishes or cooking utensils from the kitchen that you haven’t used in the last 6 months. Box it up and write “kitchen stuff: donate after 30 days” and then put it out of sight. If you miss something, go get it. If not, donate it.
  6. Open any email that you didn’t sign up for, or signed up for but don’t need/want/like anymore, scroll to the bottom of the email and click “unsubscribe”.
  7. Bring two small bags to your car. Fill one with trash and the other with anything that doesn’t belong in the car.
  8. Put the things you collected from your car where they belong.
  9. Read this: Get rid of the things that make you feel bad.
  10. Dump the contents of your junk drawer or desk drawers that you don’t open frequently into a paper bag. Close the bag. If you don’t need anything in the bag in 30 days … get rid of the bag and everything in it. If you do need something in the bag, remove it and put it where it belongs.
  11. Bring a box into your bathroom and fill it with anything that has expired or that you don’t use or that will be expired by the time you use it. Learn more about disposing of unused medications here.
  12. Donate all of your formal occasion dresses that you haven’t worn more than once. Yes, all of those dresses that you bought for something fancy and justified the purchase by saying, “I’ll be able to wear this again.”
  13. Read this: Reset to Zero.
  14. Clear as many counter tops as you can while still taking the time to put things where they belong. Have a donation box close by incase that is where they belong.
  15. Find capsule wardrobe inspiration on Pinterest.
  16. Remove all expired, stale, unwanted items from your pantry and refrigerator.
  17. RSVP with a “no thank you” to any requests that you’ve been sitting on for a week or longer. If you are still thinking about it, you aren’t excited to do it.
  18. Read this: Unthink Everything
  19. Unfriend your Facebook friends who aren’t your actual friends or delete your account.
  20. Turn off your phone and computer. Repeat.
  21. Store your books in the cloud.
  22. Read this: 12 Rules for Being Beautifully Human
  23. Write down how much money you are spending to store your stuff. Decide what you would rather do with that money every month.
  24. Empty the cabinet under your sink. Wash it and then only put things back that you use.
  25. Schedule all annual medical appointments like physicals, mammograms, dental visits or other routine medical things.

Sju ytterligare tips
1. Write it down. Make a list of all the reasons you want to live more simply. If you are sick of debt collectors, write it down. Mad that you never get any time with your kids? Write it down. To stressed out to sleep at night? Put it on paper. Want to fire your boss? Yep, write that down too. These are your whys and your whys will provide great leverage when you think it’s too hard to keep going. Your whys will help you remember what matters.

2. Discard the duplicates. Walk through your home with a box and fill it with duplicates. If you have two sets of measuring cups, put them in the box. Copies of the same book or DVD? Put one in the box. Doubles on place mat sets? You only need one. Once you fill the box, label it “Duplicates” and put it out of sight for 30 days. If you don’t need anything or don’t remember what was in the box, donate it.

3. Declare a clutter-free zone. This area could be a kitchen table, your nightstand, a countertop or a drawer in your kitchen. Use that clutter-free zone as inspiration to live with less. If you enjoy that clean, clear environment, expand the zone a little bit each day. A clutter-free countertop can become a clutter-free room and a clutter free room can become the clutter-free, minimalist home you’ve been thinking about.

4. Travel lightly. Travel always renews my love of minimalism and living simply. The next time you take a trip, pack for 1/2 the time. If you are traveling for 4 days, pack for 2. You can wash and hang clothes if you need to or wear the same things twice. See how it feels to carry less baggage.

5. Dress with Less. If you haven’t considered Project 333, dressing with only 33 items for 3 months (clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories) sounds extreme, but thousands of people know that it actually makes life easier instead of more challenging.

6. Eat similar meals. When you think about how much time you spend thinking about what you are going to eat for lunch, make your family for dinner, or what you need to pick up at the grocery store, it’s clear that food is not always simple. Try eating the same breakfast and lunch all week and have 2 or 3 dinner choices that rotate throughout the week. If your family complains, let them know it’s an experiment and then talk about it at the end of the week.

7. Save $1000. An emergency fund simplifies everything. If you are paying off debt, only pay your minimum payments until you can save $1000. If you aren’t in debt, but still spend what you have, set aside money every day or every week until you reach $1000. Try the 52 week money challenge and in 45 weeks, you’ll save more than $1000 without ever contributing more than $45 in a week. Money for emergencies reduces stress and emergencies.

10 Things to Add to a Simple Life
1. Value. Add richness and value to your own life by adding value to the lives around you. Look at the connections and interactions you have, and notice opportunities to add more to the relationship. Not more stuff, or more advice, but more goodness to elevate everyone around you.

2. Silence. Life is busy, but a few quiet moments every day can better prepare you to handle everything that comes your way. Declare daily quiet time an essential part of your life. Put it on your calendar and let your family know what you need. Even 5 quiet minutes can change the whole day. If you are ready for more quiet, try this simple experiment to change your view of words.

3. Laughter. Even while you are working hard to simplify your life and dealing with serious things like paying off debt, changing careers, and giving away your stuff, look for opportunities to laugh with your whole heart. Laughing offers great health benefits like lower blood pressure, and the release of endorphins, and makes you a better person to be around.

4. Art. Support artists. Make art. Give art. If you love to create and you aren’t creating, there is something missing. The world deserves your art and you so deserve to engage in activities you love. If you want your art to be your work, turn your creativity into a career with Designed to Sell, an awesome resource from Unconventional Guides.

5. Gratitude. Express your gratitude out loud. Be grateful for everything you have. When you turn your focus to being grateful for what you do have, there is very little time or energy to think about what you don’t have.

6. Patience. As you simplify your life, be patient with the people in your life who aren’t there yet. Be patient as you encourage simplicity.

7. Benevolence. Give, give, give and then give some more. Even when you think you’ve given all you have to give, just wait, there is more.

8. Joy. Find little things that bring you great joy. You can find joy in the simplest things like taking a walk. I took a walk earlier this week and found beautiful flower beds (shown above). Create joy, notice joy and celebrate joy.

9. Congruence. Always be moving closer to acting, living and working in a way that aligns with your core values. Be who you really are in thought, word, and deed. Danielle LaPorte says, “If you have to step outside of yourself, away from your values and soul to get your needs met, then you are not really going to get your needs met.” I know this to be true. It doesn’t mean I get it right every time, but I’ll continue to practice, because when I do get it right, the experience is sublime.

10. Love. I was doing a meditation from this series and learned that “love travels in all directions.” I’ve implemented this recommendation too: Anytime you notice love, say “this is love.”  Through this practice, I’ve noticed that love is everywhere and the more love you have and give, the more love you have and give.

When you add a few of these things to your simple life, you’ll quickly see that you don’t need all the stuff to have it all. The secret to having it all is recognizing that you already do.

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